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They ask if you're okay,
Ask how you fare.
You nod your head,
Knowing they don't really care.
You turn around,
But they're not there.

You punch your pillow,
To blow off some steam.
You pinch yourself,
Willing it to be a dream.

You burst into tears,
Louder and louder
Hoping some one hears.
But no one comes,
You're so alone.
You cry harder and harder,
But there's nobody home.
Okay, here goes another old poem like my other one. I wrote this a while ago and am being bullied into submitting it...

Old Poetry Piece 2#

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free-hug-king Featured By Owner Jun 4, 2008
what a wild ryhmn scheme! its really great, and catches the eye,
and it has this rythmn like I can't keep up with,

it's almost like...maybe...the person who is being so nonchalant about her problems people,
so difficult to understand. it's...interesting...

and the ending is sad, but true.
especially recently, I'm feeling a bit like this, but the problem is, everyone knows the problem...
it's just that I and they don't know how to help...

I-am-a-pyramid Featured By Owner Jun 5, 2008
I am sorry for you. I wrote that once when I was really sad. It's like something in my life is missing, though, I have no clue what.
It's like there is a hole through me and I don't know what it is. My friends don't get it, my parents don't really get it so they press me harder plus school life in general.., it gets to be too much... you know?

Sorry. Ramble.


P.S. stop swelling my head with nice comments!
free-hug-king Featured By Owner Jun 5, 2008
lol, what?
I thought you might think I was stupid after some of those comments..
I was trying to make you not hate me ;P

but make no mistake, I firmly believe everything I wrote, they were excellent :D

hmm...have you considered love? human beings were made by God with a neccesity to love something...
I-am-a-pyramid Featured By Owner Jun 5, 2008
Yes, sigh, I have considered it...though, I have heard it comes to you. And patience is a gift, so I will wait. There is still plenty of time...

Keep Writing,

free-hug-king Featured By Owner Jun 5, 2008
you read wrong again: I said something, not necessarily someone.

we, as the people we are, are going to love something--money, fame, popularity, ourselves, darkness, solitude, activities like sports or writing or art, thinking, and of course other people--what you need to figure out is what you love. Then, decide whether or not that is what you want to love.
Don't wait for someone elses love to find you, figure out what it is that you already love and work with it from there
besides, you may be the one that has to find whoever it is out there thats waiting on you... ;)

Life is for those who love to live it,
And love is for those who ask.
Don't plan your future by what you covet,
Don't worry about the past.
I-am-a-pyramid Featured By Owner Jun 6, 2008
Right now, as things I love I pretty much have:
Tackle football (Woot! Best sport in the world...)
And that's pretty much it, and of course my friends...

I've read that list, over and over, and I realized, those are all things I truly love. There are things I could add that I really like, but I don't really love...
As far as people go --my friends, my cats...that's about it...
I try to look for people that enjoy some of those things, when we find they are in common, we usually become friends... or enemies. (Mostly guys who think girls shouldn't play Tackle Football...)

Keep Writing,

free-hug-king Featured By Owner Jun 6, 2008
hey, I say that if you can knock someone off their feet, and don't mind being knocked off yours by a guy,
then play ball!
I generally don't play, as I get injured very easily, but when I do, I love it!
I am a naturally very violent person, so tackling people is fun.. :sprint::headache:

hmm...and you can't figure out why you feel so empty?
I-am-a-pyramid Featured By Owner Jun 6, 2008
I get injured very easily but I love the sport, my next school I'm starting in September has a girls' tackle team. Can't wait for it!
I'm generally a very violent person as well, though I keep it bottled up, I get in enough trouble at school as it is... I was in the principal's office today for kicking this one girl.. it wasn't even hard!
They wanted to suspend me at first, until they saw the girl was pretty much bluffing.
In my defense she five-starred me like 7 times in half an hour, she was my friend so I put up with it, until I snapped. And she runs to a teacher... honestly.
**Shakes head**

Keep Writing,

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dontcry4it Featured By Owner Jun 3, 2008
so sweet and sad :)
I-am-a-pyramid Featured By Owner Jun 5, 2008
Thank you,

Keep Reading,

TheImperfectImpala Featured By Owner May 15, 2008
Nice. I didn't know you were so good!
I-am-a-pyramid Featured By Owner May 15, 2008
Blah. I wrote that a while ago.
Glad you liked it though. I loved your gallery. I have to say I was impressed. You have some nice pictures of a couple of Runnymeders on there that would make some photographers proud...
Acually, until like two days ago, I didn't know you even liked photography {:

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